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LTEX photos, "Look at all the places..."
Larry's Truck and Electric near Girard, OH is both a neat place and a sad place. As you will see, hundreds of locomotives arrive at this location. Many get repaired and leased out after arriving at that facility, but for many the trip into LTEX is their last ride. I tried to convey the feeling of walking through a graveyard with this video. To walk among the dead, so-to-speak, to be near what once was a bigger than life, loud, moving locomotive that has been reduced to silent, rusting parts is a bit humbling. I hope I evoke some emotions of both sadness and respect in the video.
Winter Rails
A slide show of some of my winter railroad images set to the music of George Winston and David Arkenstone. Hands down winter is my favorite season to photograph. All photos copyright RAD, music copyright by George Winston and David Arkenstone, both outstanding artists. Please support them.
Gone: Erie Lackawanna Memories
Just a short slide show using some of my EL photos set to Moby's "One of these Mornings". All photos are copyright RAD, the music is copyright Moby. 

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