I hope you enjoy my photos on these pages. I've had a lifelong interest in photography and transportation subjects. Railroads in particular are my favorite. Some of my earliest memories are begging my parents to stop so I could see the train if I saw a light coming down the tracks as our car crossed them. As you can see, the railroad remains my favorite subject, but my camera takes aim at anything that strikes my fancy, be it nature or man-made. This interest has taken me to many places, near and far, and even to the point of working for a railroad, Norfolk Southern in Cleveland, Ohio. 

  I've been pointing my cameras at subjects since 1974, starting out with a horrible plastic Instamatic thing and Fotomat developing. It didn't take long to decide I loved taking photos and upgraded to a 35mm camera. After many years of taking mostly Kodak slides, I decided to take the digital plunge after the slide films were discontinued. I find myself shooting even more today with digital than I ever did with film - I love the post processing control and the overall versatility of the digital format.

  I was born in 1954 in Akron, Ohio and have lived in the area all my life, with the exception of a four year stint in Cresson, Pa. There I hired on at Conrail down in Altoona. I have been a Conductor for Norfolk Southern for 16 years now and love it. There will come a time when I retire, but for now I won't wish time away and instead enjoy the challenge of the job each day ... and of course head out with the camera when I can.

  Again, thank you for visiting Digital Durf Photography. Please use the contact form on the home page if you want to use any image, get a print, or have any questions.

                                                    Roger Durfee


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