Norfolk Southern

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An oil train snakes up the ramp to the OC Bridge as a coal train drifts down at CP Bell near Pittsburgh, Pa.
The pink palm tree sure seems out of place surrounded by snow, ice, firewood.....and a Norfolk Southern mail train on the Sandusky (Ohio) Bay Bridge. 
Norfolk Southern's business train is returning from the Kentucky Derby on the Fort Wayne line in Alliance, Ohio. Note the LaFarge U23B, an ex-Lehigh Valley engine, in the background.
NS 6920, the "Honoring Our Veterans" unit, passes through Bridge One in downtown Cleveland, Ohio.
An abandoned farm house west of Arcadia, Ohio provides an interesting photo prop for and NS freight bound for Bellevue, Ohio.
As an ore boat bound for Conneaut,Ohio glides by out on Lake Erie, NS power rests in the harbor yard in Ashtabula, Ohio. Note the Nickel Plate Heritage Unit. 
DouNorfolk Southern local BF14 switches Coca-Cola on the Twinburg industrial track in Twinsburg, Ohio.
Norfolk Southern train 287 passes through the Black River drawbridge in Lorain, Ohio.
An NS local bound for Leipsic, Ohio passes through the western Ohio farmland.
NS 17M passes the classic former Nickel Plate bracket mast signals in Miller City, Ohio.
NS Roadrailer train number 261 creates its own little mini blizzard as it passes through Bedford, Ohio.
A local loaded with steel coils passes the classic Miller City, Ohio NKP era signals.
Coal from the Sonman Mine in Portage works west on track one at Portage, Pa. Former Conrail SD80mac 7208 splits the former PRR position light signals.

3 views of the NS OCS taken from a Cessna 172 :
Passing the Cleveland RTA shops.
Passing the Lincoln Electric facility in Euclid.
Passing over the high bridge at Ashtabula.
An oil train drifts downgrade on Westinghouse Hill as it nears Bridge 1. This area of Cleveland is known as Battery Park.
Coal from the Sonman Mine in Portage backs onto main 1 at "BC" in Jamestown, Pa.