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Misc. Fallen Flags
A Frisco freight works it's way through downtown Tupelo, Mississippi in July of 1978. Check out the operator's car!
Four "Yellowbirds" bring CEI empties east at Brady Lake, Ohio on Conrail's Cleveland Line. It's a fine October 1978 day. A short stub of the former LE&P/NYC line is to the left of the train.
A Chicago and North Western Alco set slowly makes it's way east at Springfield, Minnesota in June 1979. 
A Delaware and Hudson freight has pulled up to a stop at East BD in Binghamton, NY. The former Lehigh and Hudson River Alco C-420 will soon get rebuilt and receive a fresh coat of Guilford gray.
The Delaware and Hudson Baldwin Sharknose cab units have delivered their train to the Lehigh Valley in Sayre, Pa in October 1975. They are headed for the outbound train and a trip back to home rails at Binghamton, NY.
A colorful scene on the D&H at Oneonta, NY in October 1978.
Detroit Terminal NW-2u #104 rests at the Conrail P1A Shop at Collinwood near Cleveland, Ohio. It's October 17th, 1981, and the DT has just been merged into Big Blue.
One of my favorite afternoon trains out of Chicago's Union Station in the late 70's was Gulf, Mobil, and Ohio's "Plug" to Joliet. A veteran EMD F3 and a handful of old coaches made for a nice pre-Amtrak flashback.
An ICG freight a few miles out of Louisville, Ky had a pair of GM&O SD-40's up front on a great May 1979 afternoon.
A transfer between the K&IT yard and the L&N yard in Louisville, Ky has a rare Alco C430/slug/C430 set for power.
Just an everyday scene on the MKT in Kansas City in July of 1978 as a crew fuels a GP-7 still in it's pre "John Deere green" red scheme. Everything in this photo is gone.
A Missouri Pacific freight enters Memphis, Tennessee as it exits the bridge over the Mississippi River.

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